Times are changing - and so will our labels

Posted on February 16, 2018

Let’s face it, South Africa has really run a gauntlet for the past few years (10 or 20…) in terms of politics, the fluctuating economy, crime rates and let’s not forget to cat-teh-go-rise (on its very own please) the whole sticky state capture saga! We’ve certainly gone through a tempestuous roller-coaster experience that has quite literally rocked our world – and often left us doubtful of anything positive things to come - and often to the point of contemplating immigration…. But now?

Just like that, after countless votes of no-confidence, mega public protests, prodigious mayhem in the media, and whatnot, the times have changed! I think for the most part South Africans (and the world for that matter) are still trying to process what has just happened! Who would have guessed a week ago that where we’d be sitting here today? Not me at least. But let’s move on, lets grasp the fact that we are at the start of a (great) new era in South Africa – and warmly welcome our new and promising President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa!!

To see a powerful video summary of the “fall, rise and fall again” of Jacob Zuma, compiled by EWN (Eyewitness News) click the link here: https://www.facebook.com/16889...

And then… watch Mr Cyril Ramaphosa give his first address as President of South Africa! Also credits to EWN (Eyewitness News) https://www.facebook.com/16889...


So, how is this of any relevance to our labels?

For a start, with the positive changes in our governance, the presidency and its cabinet we can already see a remarkable start to the disintegration of overall economic depression in this country. Immediately businesses are more upbeat about opportunities and can begin to forecast a far brighter future in terms of trade and international relations. Just watch how the investments are going to stream into this country now! With this comes immense motivation, the ability to take greater risks and explore more significant business opportunities. This is a mega wave for all industries!

In terms of labelling – we are about to see producers and brands kit-up for the big games once again. Soon it will no longer be about simply surviving but once again about being in the forefront of competitive leaders! South Africa has pretty much kept up with global labelling and design trends, but our marketing push has perhaps lacked a little oomph – that too will change. We will see a boost in innovation, increased quality, higher volumes and the best of all… a lot more noise in the media! (we love making media-noise, don’t we?)


In terms of wine, spirit and beer labels coming from South Africa, we can expect to see a lot more risks and quite possibly some ground-breaking creativity coming from our industry in 2018. When we’re happy we get creative – we’re good at that. Thus, this renewed energy and positive outlook on the future will drive our producers to push the boundaries of both national and international sales once again. This will see an increase in both product development and new design innovation. Wait for it – it’s going to be like a creative tsunami! Change unleashes people’s creative energy and we will see exciting new products, new labels and new designs, which will pour in this year! – and before we know it we’ll have taken back our strong and proud position in global competition.

The world loves South Africa, our people and our products

Let’s not be so typically old-school modest about this. (a standard S’african characteristic) Other countries around the world have a lot of admiration for South Africa and we have a fan-following second to none! (literally). We are one of the hottest tourism destinations on the globe and people absolutely love our people, our wine, our food, activities, diverse cultures and almost endless offerings! Just look at how international celebs love to come to this country – whether to stay, play, buy property (they own half of Camps Bay already) or exercise their humanitarian initiatives - we are as far away from boring as an earthworm from the moon!


Our history is and always will be a top-shelf best seller too – and our latest blockbuster is sure to break the records! With the powerful legacy of Mandela, the dramatic changes we’ve lived through, all the political rigmarole - and endless fountain of sensational news, (shockers at times in fact) this country must be hard to ignore! Therefore, with the climax of change comes a massive opportunity – to reposition our brands, embrace our markets and up our game!

This is a time for producers to re-visit their current branding, compare it to competition and analyse its marketing power. People around the world will be taking notice of our products now – more so than ever – and in many instances they will favour our products. It’s a window opportunity to introduce our brands to new consumers, and we need to make a lasting impression when we do.

The moral of the story?

Your label is often that very first encounter - that initial look in the eye... make it worth it.

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