There's so much more to a bottle when the label has a story

Posted on April 27, 2017

I absolutely love it when a label is more than just that - but also has a little tale to tell! Upon my last little meander through the vine-rows of my local supermarket – I happened to notice a few such examples...

Let me begin with Melck’s Blended Red 2014. What a beautiful label, clean, arty and automatically intriguing. Produced by Muratie Wines in Stellenbosch.  It was the little drawing that caught my attention at first, but the minute I read that it was done by Isabella Melck, aged 6, the bottle was heading for my basket! Isn’t that just delightful?  Before I knew any more about this label, I imagined the proud parents of this little girl, who obviously decided to put one of their daughters’ drawings on a label. Imagine how much motivation this adds to a child’s aspirations in life? Well done Mom and Dad.  However, I was even more curious about the label and their wines,  so I investigated a little further.

Turns out, Muratie Wines certainly have a story to tell – even their website says so!   Firstly, the estate dates back to 1685! – making it one of the oldest estates in South Africa! No doubt tremendously rich in history and with plenty of evolving stories, the Melck family thus took it upon their own to revive some of the characters from the past. With this in mind, they decided to label their range of wines after various people involved in their story.  Hattingh De Villiers is their winemaker, which makes him responsible for what’s in the bottle! Interestingly, I also noticed that Muratie is known for being the first producer of Pinot Noir and fine Ports in South Africa. That’s pretty notable too!  Be sure to pay them a visit along your travels or excursions, their tasting room is open 7 days a week, from 10h00 to 17h00, and they also offer a Chocolate & Wine pairing! Delightful!  Tasting Room Details here.


Then I moved onto another familiar face... I think we’ve all seen the “Father & Son” label before right? (the bright red and purple one) Produced by Bon Courage Wines in Roberson, yes, the very ones responsible for the delectable Blush Vin Doux Sparkling wines! – who hasn’t discovered that beauty yet?  But it turns out, they’ve recently reviewed their old label of Father & Son and are now flaunting an all new Father & Son range label! I must be honest, I much prefer the new one! Far more sophisticated in design and definitely more appealing. 

There is a marvellous “family affair” involved in the Bon Courage brand – which is another reason these wines are so special. Have a look at their website to read more about the history, family and wines – Bon Courage Estate.

 As for the Father & Son label - it is their tribute to a great team, Andre Bruwer (owner & viticulturist) and his son Jacques (winemaker). Together they combine their experience, passion for wines and personal dedication – a true reflection of two like-minds. I must say the new label is certainly stands out more on the shelf, and I wish them a mind-blowing spike in sales! Cheers Gentleman! (love the hat too.)


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