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Posted on May 03, 2017

We all have a little spontaneous, perhaps influential and sometimes even reckless consumer inside of us don’t we? I’ve come across this only too often when I’m out shopping for the regular and ever so mundane items on the shopping list, but often end up being lured away to a little something “nice”... The disaster of this hypothesis however, usually strikes when I’m out to restock my ever diminishing wine rack...

The allure of a good wine shop often brings out the “reckless consumer” in me.  Since a wine shop is somewhat of a toy shop to me at my age - and unfortunately I hardly have the budgetary control of an overseeing parent, this can often become a rather expensive little excursion, but fortunately I have the maturity, rank and attitude deal with it.

I’m not sure how you feel about an abundance of interesting wine labels koleidoscoping around you, but I am instantly in my element. The vast variety of old and new, retro, classic, modern, minimalistic, risky and sometimes plain shocking are all part of what makes this shopping expedition so marvellously interesting!

Selection is hard. In today’s competitive economy, the retail market has become an intricate and complex environment for retailers to impress their consumers, with not only product and price, but packaging and my favourite... “Marketing attraction”! The latter is a somewhat more silent partner in the game of retail, since there are various elements pertaining to this very psychological matter of appeal. Besides the layout of a store, shelf levels, the advertising paraphernalia, lighting, display effects, etc.  A lot of thought is put into what you as the consumer will actually notice and feel comfortable to buy.


But besides all that, labelling is major factor. More and more wine & spirit producers are putting greater attention and efforts into their labelling aspects. Creative - and I mean “creative” design has taken over where basic templates used to be good enough. Hours and hours of thought, design work and market department brain-storming now goes into the single label, to ensure it not only speaks for the product, but actually speaks to the consumer.

Yes our taste certainly all differs when it comes to choosing what appeals to us – but they know this. It’s a matter of snagging a group market – and if you compare 7 flavours of ice cream – there are enough consumers to ensure that all 7 get fair a interest in the market terms of sales. With wine & spirits it’s pretty much the same thing, especially since taste is not restricted to a literal meaning, nor do we as people have limited taste values.

Let’s have a look at the wine labels that achieved GOLD at this years Wine label Design Awards. In first place with Gold for a single label was Simonsig, The Garland, designed by Anthony Lane Design Consultancy, and the gold award for wines in a range was awarded to The Saboteur Range, designed by Whitespace Creative. Congratulations to these two top ranking labels as well as all the others who were awarded silver and bronze in their respective categories. To view the full list of winners, please click here:

So the next time you venture into your favourite wine shop, take a little cognitive note at what it is that actually appeals to you - and how you make your choices? You are ultimately in control of your choice, but see just how many labels actually “speak” to you, before you have even begun to define your search!  Its great fun, labels are fantastic! 



(The wanna-be-wine-connoisseur that doesn't always know everything)

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