Do we judge the bottle by the label?

Posted on December 22, 2017

Absolutely! Presentation is everything – because people simply buy with their eyes. 

I’m not sure who we owe the credits to for that acutely correct statement, but this is a globally used term that involves itself in literally everything. In terms of product development and packaging it is certainly a topic that has etched itself right at the top of the design and marketing drawing board. In fact, if you’re not adamant about presentation then you’ve most likely not got your priorities entirely right. The game of marketing your products, be it spark plugs or wine is about catching the eye of the consumer and then visually – and I’ll repeat that, visually persuading them to buy it.


When consumers are exercising their retail habits, they are seldom aware of the vast amount of persuasive tactics they are being subject to. (I personally like to remain oblivious to that) but when “buying with your eyes” so to speak, there is in fact far more psychological theory to it than we all may be aware of. Behind the scenes (within the deeper psycho theories) there is in fact a combination of sensory stimulation taking place, beginning with visual appeal – the most important component of them all, followed by curiosity, possibly about how the product could enhance your life, situation or even an emotion.

Furthermore, we learn from all forms of media to desire that which is trending, has gained reputation (for whichever reason) or simply because it has a greater recall value in terms of advertising frequency - that you may or may not even remember seeing! Social media is a classic example of this sort of advertising. Every day that you scroll through your Facebook timeline you are more than likely not aware of the amount of product advertising that has made a small (but powerful) photographic impression on your mind…  

The power of persuasive labelling  

Interestingly, in a recent psychological study by Avery UK, revealed the impressive extent in which labeling, and the design thereof can impact sales and furthermore stimulate greater consumer loyalty – and that’s A+ labelling right there!  

So, the study was unique in that it revealed to a greater degree the psychological reaction in terms of consumer decision-making and subsequent loyalty to the product or brand, be it from online marketing or face to face. The study included things like label design affecting price points and consumer-brand relationships.     

Fiona Mills, marketing director at Avery UK said, “This has been ground-breaking research for us. We suspected there was more to the science of label design than might first meet the eye, but the discoveries have been extremely enlightening. We can now speak with the utmost authority to say that labels really DO make a difference to the performance of small business”.     

If you would like to read more about the details of this study, please visit the webpage here:  


What should you be considering in terms of your label?  

First and foremost is the eye of the (your) consumer, followed by the brain.  

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t really matter what type of product or industry you’re designing a label for – if someone must see it first to decide about whether to buy it or not, it’s of critical importance that you get persuasive factors right. 

Here are some tips to consider:  

Apply things like label texture, colors and paper type to your advantage. It’s all about presentation here and the finer details like fonts and tangible feelings of the label are key motivating factors. Remember to keep with the identity of your brand and product – and enhance these qualities to portray what you stand for. 

Color remains a tricky one, but can have prolific effects on the consumer. Foils for instance almost always add a “fancy” connotation to a product, but the minute you over-do it ever so slightly you can push your product off the high seat into the gutter of trashy and cheap-looking.  Organic colours and mat textures will better convey the message of something that is unrefined, green-friendly, sustainable, etc. Bold colours such as red and blue may convey messages of authority or magnanimity. 


When designing your label, keep the rest of the packaging in mind too. Uniformity as we know it only works well when all things can be connected by an invisible thread – an obvious visual connotation should be automatic, but so too should the resemblance in dress code. Again, don’t overdo it here, but keep the design framework in mind. Look at the little things, like the colour of the bottle against the label, the contours of the bottle suiting the label shape and other conflicting aspects that may not fall within your design profile.  

Don’t be like everyone else. Add an element of uniqueness and give your label its own distinction. Remember that your product will almost always be placed amongst competition, whether it be on a store shelf or in a restaurant menu, the only time you will ever contest less of this competition is through your personal online shop or in your own tasting room – if you have one. Again, there is a fair amount of competition your brand has gone through before this anyway.  

In conclusion, never stop doing research to gauge your marketing and more acutely your persuasive labelling performance. Bottom line sales are one thing, but market opportunities do no always reveal themselves just there. Gauge your area of demand, emerging markets, and try to do small surveys. (at expos, in your tasting room, at private tastings, launches, etc.) You most likely have free tools too – so don’t forget to use your social media platforms constructively by asking your followers for their thoughts or opinions. If you have wine clubs, ask your members to comment or vote on label examples – getting their involvement in this way is highly likely to stimulate loyalty too! 

Veritas Labels are on it!  

Whichever way you look at it – you need your labels to sell your brand. Whether you require design input or creative support, reliable printing and delivery times, the team at Veritas Labels can – and will assist you! Driven by excellence towards customer and service delivery, you can expect consistent support throughout your labelling process. We proudly offer state of the art in style and printing technology thus we stop at nothing to meet your expectations.  Extensive knowledge, friendly service and fast turnaround time are some of our distinguished qualities.

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