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Posted on November 10, 2017


Time to devote some thought on the matter 

Perhaps it’s time to re-think that old and tired label? Its work has been great over the years, but maybe, just maybe the competition in the market is beginning to challenge its performance, or slowly eat away at its fans... 

What should you be considering? 

Every producer already has their hands full with every other demanding aspect of production, marketing, sales, staff, logistics, running the business, etc. and there just never seems to be the time to sit down and re-visit what is and isn’t working to its full potential. With this article I am trying to convey the extreme importance of the role that your label plays in the market environment and how important it is for you to realise that this tool can be a very powerful one.


 Shift your focus and go for gold 

Think premiumisation - excellence, elite, top-end, select, classy, luxurious and ask yourself to which of these you can connect your brand or more specifically, your labels and packaging – in respect of your brand? This is your chance to make effective (and relatively quick to implement) changes to benefit your goals. Gain repositioning in terms of sale point, attract new attention and tease out some more love from your already loyal following – simply with a little creative nip and tuck! 

Some ideas for change include: Bigger and bolder labels, the trending favourite appears to be large white or deep and dark black labels. (those pink, dusty and pastel colours and not really the thing right now) Be creative with textures, add a little touch of varnish, embossing or hot foiling, and see the difference this can make. You needn’t re-design the wheel, it can be as simple as making a new dress of an old frock.  


In terms of the greater package “image”, think beyond the label. Now your label is the first thing that attracts attention, but after that there are more factors that could influence your buyer. The bottle is one of them. I hate to say this, especially since we’re in a world of eco-friendly business practice and an era of doing what we can to reverse the effects of global warming, but heavier bottles are also quite a thing. (not a must, but just a thing) Embossed bottles can of course make a huge statement – and whenever I find one I have the urge to run my fingers over the embossing – and the thought that crosses my mind is “wow, these guys are fancy…” But the point I’m making is that these additional extras to the bottle dress-code are what affects the buyers’ decision. With a “fancy” bottle like that, I pick it up to inspect it, and already it stands a better chance than the other “more boring” bottles on the shelf.   

Taking it a level higher   

Exclusivity is where things get a little more expensive, but if you have your strategy right, then it’s a matter of what you’re prepared to put in that will affect what you’re hoping to get out. Here we’re talking about luxury, rarity and personalisation. Things like richly textured labels, hand-made looking even or in extreme cases, you may even opt for specialised craft. Custom shaped bottles, neck sleeves and cases or combination-labelling (a mixture of materials, looks, etc) are definitely taking your product to the next level. People notice these things – just have a look at the liqueur shelves in your average bottle store – it’s like shopping in an exclusive gift store!!  


Bling is possibly immortal. But be careful with this one, a little creative excellence can quickly be transformed into something resembling “Aunt Stienie se kommen plonk”! A touch of well-thought, well-designed influence of gold, silver or even diamante can go a long way in really making an impressive statement. Less is more when it comes to this, so keep that in mind.  

“Let’s face it, a girl will always enjoy a thing of beauty – and most of the time we shop for the wine.” Anon  


Put your brand first    

Your brand will always be the most important aspect of your business. Therefore, never take your eye of this key point. Tell your story, show your pride, emphasise the things that are important to your brand so that others can “feel” your passion. You may be devoted to sustainable farming practices or support a charitable cause, but whatever it is, tell your market about this, people are human, and they relate to these things. Adding a personal touch can work wonders. So, don’t be afraid to add a short story to your back label or a direct message to the consumer, something more about yourself, the farm, winemaker, owner(s) or a deceased dog, just go for it, these things are all motivating factors in one way or form.  

And lastly, be unique. Don’t think that imitating the great labels of the world are necessarily the way to go, it’s not. Trends continually change, and people switch their taste - which is the driving reason behind why we need to consider label and/or packaging changes.  


 At Veritas Labels we make no secret of the fact that we’re not the biggest label printing supplier, or the oldest or the most famous. What is of importance to us however (and of utmost importance at that) is collective experience, skill and the challenge of being the best service-orientated supplier. We are all too familiar with the snags and issues related to label printing, service delivery, turn-around times, call-off times, price, quality, etc. and therefore we have made it our mission to eliminate these obstacles and give you the service you didn’t think there was.  

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please call us at: 082 706 5599 or 021 818 4100 – we look forward to hearing from you.  

Cheers to fantastic labels – and may your experience with your supplier exceed your expectations!

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